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Do I Have to “Sell” To My Friends & Family?

Selling to FriendsDo I Have to “Sell” To My Friends & Family?

By Julie Ann Price

One of my personal pet peeves about home businesses is that the first piece of advice you always get upon starting your business is to make a list of 100 friends and family and go sell to them.

I absolutely hate that and will never do that.

I know exactly how you feel when you say, “I don’t want to start a business if I have to sell to my friends and family.”

I won’t lie to you – some Beachbody coaches do give that advice to their new business partners.   However, you will not get that advice here!

If you would rather chew off your leg than sell to your cousin Sam, I am right there with you.

When I first joined Mary Kay, (a long time ago), my rep told me to host a party right away and invite all of my family and my neighbors.   She did the presentation and made up my mom and one friend.   They both were very polite and complimented the new “look” but I thought they looked like two kids that had gotten hold of their mom’s make-up.   They looked like clowns.

Then everyone bought the requisite amount of product and never ordered another thing again.   I knew they were just there to support me and had no interest in a Mary Kay business.   I was so uncomfortable and embarrassed by the whole thing.   I could never discuss Mary Kay with any of them again!

So, do you have to “sell” to your friends and family – I say “no way.”

Then, how do you get your first customers and reach Emerald?   Easy, let people know what you are doing.   I believe in being a product of the product.   When you are at work, talk about the P90X workout you did that morning.   When it’s lunchtime, talk about your Shakeology drink.

Don’t sell – just share how you feel and what is changing for the better with your health.   If someone is interested, they will ask you questions.   If they want to try something, have sample packets of Shakeology handy.   Invite them over to do a workout with you.

It has been my experience, when I let people borrow my DVD’s, they rarely put one in the DVD player and push play.   I highly suggest you invite them to workout with you – either at your house or theirs.   That way you can see if the workout is right for them, engage them in a helpful conversation about their health and make suggestions about Beachbody products.

Conversations are easy.   Selling is not – at least not for me.   At my day job everyone knew when I was doing Insanity and more importantly, they could see the changes in me.   I had more energy.   I felt challenged and rewarded for each day that I got through another workout.

If you still have questions about starting your Beachbody business, contact me at and we can set up a time to talk.   I would love to get to know you and address your concerns.

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