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What’s Your World Coming To?

Hopefully, not this, but if that is the direction your body is going right now, will you do something about it? What happened to pride?   Wasn’t there a time when we took pride in our values, pride in our appearance, pride in what we did or the futures we had planned for our families.

Was there some turning point in our lives when we decided to just let everything “hang out”, so to speak and then everything else just fell down, too, like a house of cards.   I am sure that this guy seen in Walmart feels that he has a right to pack on the pounds, but I will venture to guess that it wasn’t from eating too much healthy food, but rather making food choices that left his body malnourished.   To compensate, he then had to eat greater and greater quantities for his body to be able to extract usable and necessary nutrients.   What was left was stored, and that’s an understatement, as fat.   We are what we eat and this apparently young man is a testament to how far that old adage can be taken.

But just like he can start making positive choices, so can you.   From the perspective of a coach, my recommendation would be to get either Power 90 or P90X, do the workouts faithfully and follow the nutrition plans as closely as possible.   I would suggest, too, that he get the support and accountability that he will need to stay on track and achieve his goals by having a Team Beachbody coach to guide, motivate and inspire him and make sure that he realizes that he is on the right path even when he falters a little.

When those choices are made, pride will certainly follow.   This man’s pride still exists within him, but he has swallowed many other things and buried it deep within him.   In time, it will come to the surface again and be a driving force in his life as a result of the positive changes that he continues to make.

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