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This Dude Is A Winner!

The last time that I won something, if I remember correctly, was at the Belle Mead Fair the night before I left for Boy Scout Camp and it was on a borrowed nickel. I am 56 now. Actually I had the incentive to win, because I had tried and tried to win my Mom a stuffed animal. When I borrowed a nickel from my best friend, Jimmy Allen, I won a huge stuffed dog. Jimmy’s nickel must have been lucky.

Scott had incentive and he was lucky in more ways than one. Scott was in love and overweight and he followed the same path to fitness that I did with a Million Dollar Body Club program. Daily stress and a tough college load led Scott to turn to comfort food. He became motivated to get in shape in anticipation of the happiest day of his life: his wedding – and he lost 71 pounds in the process!

Can you do the same? Is it luck or just determination and motivation combined to give you the reason to get fit and healthy. If you want something badly enough, you can achieve it and Million Dollar Body is truly one of the best ways there is to achieve your goals. See Scott’s story and see if he can motivate you, too – click here.

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