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Times Of Change Are Times Of Opportunity

Have you ever written an email and wished that more people could read it than just the recipient? Such is the case with an email that I just wrote to someone in response to them saying that a certain workout program was a little overwhelming now because of changes that they were going through in their lives. Here is what I wrote in response:

P90X is actually a complete program with workouts planned for you on certain days and a very specific nutrition plan that will both provide enough calories for your workouts as well as, in your case, help you to lose weight.

I’ve been a runner for over 40 years and have run fast times, but I, too, am now slow. In fact, I sell Polar heart rate monitors and use the Polar RS800sd. Hoping that the Stride Sensor was inaccurate, I signed up for Wireless Run Tracker by Bones In Motion, which is awesome, and alas, the GPS in my cell phone confirmed that I am slow (and the Stride Sensor is extremely accurate). You on the other hand can get your body fat down, can build muscle, will improve your running and will run faster. To athletes, P90X is worth a lot more than what we paid for it so we all got great deals since we will use it to its fullest.

The Million Dollar Body Club is also a great deal – nutrition and fitness support, meal plans and much more for $2.99 a week. That is, again, too good to be true but for about $13.00 a month or about $40..00 for three months, how can you go wrong. Probably one of the best things is that you can read, research and explore while you are at work, right on your computer.

When you join, the first thing you want to do is to sign in to WOWY when you work out – paddle, run, lift or whatever workout you do. WOWY keeps track of your workouts, and no matter what time of day or night you work out, I bet that you will also see another person or many people (their picture and what workout they are doing) working out at the same time and probably with the same goal as you. It is really fun (spoken as a 56 year old who even finds it fun) and a great way to meet friends – there is even a chat room after your workout, just like being in a virtual locker room and talking with someone else who just worked out.

Change is good (maybe you don’t realize it at the time) but what a great new addition to your life – P90X and Tony Horton to get you pumped up for every workout. You will transform your body, you will lose weight and you will be stronger and fitter than you have ever been. It is the perfect addition to your triathlon training program and will definitely give you an edge.

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