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don’t know how many of you listen to KLOVE. For me, it is an essential part of my spiritual diet and I listen to it at home, in the car and on their app.

Their slogan is Positive, Encouraging K LOVE and their message is positive every day and it is encouraging every day. It is always a message of hope and faith that encourages the listener to focus on living a positive life.

Team Beachbody is also always positive and always encouraging. The message is always the same – keep doing positive things and making positive choices and you will succeed in reaching your goals of having the best quality of life that you can achieve.

Are you getting a positive, encouraging message in your life every day? If not, then I urge you to listen to KLOVE and to connect with one of the many, many coaches on Team Howtobefit who are ready and waiting to give you a positive, encouraging message that will give you focus and change your life forever. That’s guaranteed!


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