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Healthy Choices for Kids with Nutrition and Fitness

Teaching my children to make healthy choices including nutritious foods and good exercise habits is a powerful priority for me. Establishing a strong and positive foundation for a healthy lifestyle now in my children will enable them to be successful into adulthood, and lessen their risk for diabetes, heart disease, obesity and many other health issues. They will learn how to set and reach goals and develop more self confidence.

My children are aware of their mental and physical well being when they follow good nutrition by reading labels, combining food groups, choosing correct portion sizes and eating 5 small meals a day. They are realizing the difference in how they feel if they don’t follow this routine, and the results keep them sticking to it, most times, with some guidance and reminders. Provide your children with calcium-rich foods like skim milk, light yogurt, and cheese .Whole grains provide energy from slow-digesting carbohydrates and fuel for the brain and the muscles. Choose whole grains with some protein, like eggs, turkey, chicken breast, fish or whey protein powder to satisfy your child for two to three hours in between meals. Stock your kitchen with healthy snacks including, fruits, vegetables, nuts, P90X protein bars, string cheese, whole grain crackers, and low sugar granola with yogurt.   Whey protein powder can be added to oatmeal, pancake and waffle mix or a homemade smoothie with fruits and yogurt. Drink water at mealtime instead of sugary sodas or fruit drinks. Color their plates with lots of fruits and vegetables making sure to have one green and the other yellow, red or orange for best nutrition. Add extra fruits or vegetables to the foods you prepare. For example, add fresh strawberries or orange slices to your salad.   Add fruit to your pancake mix. Put a handful of fresh or frozen vegetables on frozen pizzas or in pasta sauce before heating them. Grind up carrots or squash and add to meatloaf. Include spinach in your salad, pastas and casseroles. The most amazing nutritional product I have found that my kids love is Shakeology. It is delicious, and I know they will get all the nutrients they need for the day including 70 whole foods with vegetables, fruits, protein, whole grain, vitamins, and more. I have noticed a difference in the concentration, happiness, and overall health of my children since they started regularly drinking Shakeology. My kids love their “chocolate milkshake” once a day, and I love its nutrition! It is well worth every penny for our family.

Regular exercise not only burns calories but alleviates stress, boosts self-esteem, helps children sleep better, improves focus, decreases anxiety and depression, develops coordination, a healthy heart, and builds their bones, muscles and joints. Help your kids find exercises they enjoy, whether team or individual sports, biking, or instructional activities, such as dancing or martial arts classes. If they enjoy the activity, they will be more likely to keep moving. My kids join me in some yoga or kickboxing in P90X. or TurboFire. My daughter likes her Shaun T workouts like Fit Kids Club, Get Real with Shaun T and Dance Party Series. Encourage your kids to keep active with running, jumping andskipping(plyometrics) to stimulate bone growth. Engage most of the muscles in their bodies by showing them how to do push ups or planks. After a tough workout or strenuous sporting activity, I often provide my son with P90X Results and Recovery Formula to replenish all the nutrients lost and reduce muscle soreness. Kids should learn to make exercise a daily priority, getting at least an hour a day. Make it fun for them and they’ll want more! Contact me to get started right with your nutrition and/or fitness program.

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