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Food is a Matter of Life and Death

I like to stay positive  but since I watched the clips from the film Food Matters some things have bothered me. I posted the clip  on my wall on Facebook and  figured  this could be good motivation. For years I have known people, my mother being one, whose doctors tell them they’re in good health for their weight, or your fine for your size. What a load of crap.   I am not saying all doctors don’t have your best interest in mind, but come on. Lets not dance around the situation,  they know very well if you don’t change things you’ll be back for prescriptions for the “fix all” which keeps them in business and the pharmaceutical industry making huge profits. My mom now has diabetes and my grandmother had it.

My mom for at least the last several years has asked about exercises and diet advice and for years I have given it. The worst part is she has diabetes because she didn’t want to really change, the really sad part is when she went to  her new doctor and  nutritionist they told her all the same things I have been saying. They now have told her if she doesn’t get it together they will put her on meds.   Now they have her attention.

All I am saying is you have a choice, be healthy or not, to eat right or not. In the last year  I have gone through a load heavy to bear sometimes and I have a choice – sit and feel sorry about the situation, get depressed and see a doctor  I can’t afford, be on meds I can’t afford, or dig down and take control of what  I can – my health!

Please watch the Food Matters clip, it makes sense. Being healthy is good for you but not for your doctor or the pill companies. My father is a doctor and my kids and family have wonderful doctors.   You all probably have great doctors. I am not saying don’t go to the doctor or don’t trust your doctor. I think most doctors do have your best interest at heart, but go for the things you need to be there for.   There is a difference  between being sick and allowing your self to be sick. Be  healthy for your family, your kids, or your future family, above all be healthy for you.

This all leads me to my quote for the week for you.   I saw this on a sticker and thought how true – “The next time you see your doctor ask him if getting off your ass is  right for you!”.   I hope you all have a great week.

– Ric Terrell
Independent Team Beachbody Coach

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