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Fitness with Diana – Back to Basics

Sometimes things happen that are out of our control, but it’s how we deal with them that can make or break us.   As I have written before, I have a history of back issues due to an injury that happened back in 2000.   Every once in a while I do something, sometimes it’s extreme and others it’s a simple sneeze, that can cause me to be practically immobile for days.

As excited as I am about my new workout program Insanity: The ASYLUM I found that on all days, Relief Day, my back went out on me.   I find humor in the fact I can do all sorts of plyo and high impact exercise, but the stretches and slower exercises tend to cause my back to act up more often (which is fine with me since I prefer higher intensity…it matches my personality).   So a little over half way into this incredible 30 day program I had to start modifying the workouts drastically.   Some days I couldn’t even walk without pain, let alone do any type of workout.

I am the type of person that has a hard time taking rest days in my workouts.   In fact on those days I usually do some type of exercise even though I should rest.   So you can imagine how difficult it’s been for me to practically stop the program in order to allow myself to heal properly.   Even though my first choice is to work through the pain, I know this can have terrible effects.  

I realized that I had to take it easy and get back to basics.   Only doing what my body would allow me to do and really listen to it.   I did a healthy 4 day cleanse, which I added lots of organic rice, beans and Shakeology  which really made a big difference, because even though I am truly passionate about working out and clean eating, I do have some terrible eating habits.  

I know that if there is chocolate around I can easily eat it all without thinking twice (until it’s done), which is why I don’t keep it in the house.   During holidays, birthdays, etc., I have my daughters hide candy from me.   I do NOT want to know where it is!   Needless to say, I had to really tone down my eating since I wasn’t burning all the extra calories I usually do.  

I am happy to be feeling better and planning to start my 2nd full round of Insanity: The ASYLUM next week.   This time I plan to follow the eating program as well, so I will need the extra support on that end.   Luckily between my family, accountability partners and the amazing community of fellow coaches and friends in Beach Body I know I will have plenty of support.

Ready…Set…Bring it!

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