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My journey to the Asylum

I just wanted to write a quick post and update you on what I’ve been doing.   I just about completed Insanity, got all the way to last week of month 2. I had Asylum sitting here waiting for me since April and I had mixed feelings about starting this workout.   I mean after all, with a name like Asylum, it sounded very intimidating.   Insanity was tough, but I managed to make my way through it and enjoy it. But I just wasn’t so sure about this new workout.

My husband took the dvds to work because a friend and Insanity person, wanted to see what the workouts looked like.   Well, when my husband called me that afternoon, he said, “it looks way too hard!” Okay, that made me think.

But after seeing all the people posting their journey through the Asylum, I got curious.   Then with a trip to CA in June coming up (the Beachbody Coach Summit), I wanted to get leaner right before going.

This workout is pretty intense. During the Fit Test, I sweated as much as I sweat during an Insanity Max workout. The Fit Test gives you a taste of the agility ladder that you get when you order the program. Well, I survived the Fit Test.   I will fill you in on my results and reviews of the workouts in other posts to come.

I also wanted to touch on the nutrition guide you get.   At first I was like “no way!” It suggests no dairy for at least the first 14 days, and I love my occasional slice of cheese or pizza with cheese. I gave up drinking cow’s milk a couple of months ago and switched to almond, so that wasn’t a big deal, but CHEESE!?!

Well Day 4 on the Get Shredded meal plan has proven to be tolerable. And I already feel leaner just from the diet.

Real quick, Asylum is not for people new to fitness or people with back, knee or neck issues. Not for pregnant women either. And I don’t recommend Asylum for people who get discouraged easily, don’t like to push themsleves, or don’t like to sweat.

Okay, I gotta run. I will write more later.

Love & light!


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