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Consistency, Commitment and Patience will Prevail in Achieving Results

Achieving results for your weight loss, fitness and health goals can be frustrating, especially if you want instant gratification. Just like anything worth having, consistency, commitment, and patience will prevail!
Here are a few thoughts I want to share with you to help keep you motivated and successfully achieve your goals.

1. DON’T RELY ON YOUR SCALE TO SEE WEIGHT LOSS. Depending on the type of workout you are doing, you may be gaining muscle, which weighs more than fat and takes up less space. Rather than letting the scale discourage you, test your body fat, use a tape measure to track inches lost in different areas of your body, and notice how your clothes fit to track progress. Inches lost and more toning equals success!
Remember that while you are exercising and your body is adapting to the change, you may be holding more water weight. As your body is learning to store the carbohydrates(glycogen) to fuel your workouts, more water is needed to store and   break down the glycogen.

2. CONSUME THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF CALORIES FOR YOUR ACTIVITY LEVEL AND GOALS. You will need proper fuel to keep up with your metabolism and workout routine. Finding a balance with the proper combinations of food groups and portion sizes to support your body’s needs will enable best performance and give you the results you want. Increased activity may lead to increased appetite. Focus on the quality of calories and keep a detailed food journal. Everything you eat counts. Severely restricting calories will slow down your metabolism and you won’t burn fat as quickly. Your best bet is to consume lots of vegetables, up your protein and limit your grain intake, and drink a lot of water to begin your weight loss journey. If you need help with a meal plan, Team Beachbody Club Membership offers online customized meal planning. Beachbody fitness programs come with a nutrition guide to follow for success. If you need help, contact me at or visit my website at

3. VARIETY IN YOUR WORKOUTS WILL HELP YOUR MUSCLES CHANGE AND KEEP YOU MOTIVATED. Switch up your exercise routine so you don’t become bored and your muscles keep changing. One of the best things about Beachbody’s fitness programs is that they follow a sequence to give you the best results. All you have to do is follow the program guide and push “play” on your DVD player. I began my Beachbody adventure with the P90X program. I loved the muscle confusion philosophy and quickly saw results. After P90X, I added Brazil Butt Lift and Hip Hop Abs for some variety. I knew it was time for TurboFire, when I wasn’t feeling motivated anymore from my routine. TurboFire instantly brought back my love for exercise with its high intensity, crazy energy, and motivating music and moves. I recently finished the 12 week program and now have added the advanced TurboFire workouts. Next, I plan on continuing on with Insanity. There are many hybrid programs available combining Beachbody fitness programs to make it unique for you.

4. ALLOW TIME TO SEE RESULTS AND MAKE IT A LIFESTYLE. It may take your body several weeks to respond to your eating and fitness routine and start showing you results. Keep consistent every day and commit yourself to a healthy lifestyle. The benefits of exercise are not just physical. Your attitude will become happier, simple tasks will become easier, the way you treat people will be better, your mind will have more focus and so much more. Change your body, change your attitude, change your life!
Certain medications may affect your ability to lose weight. If you are on track with your nutrition and exercise and have allowed enough time to see results, but still aren’t achieving success, it may be time to consult your doctor.



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