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What’s In Your Plan?

In the days of innocence which now seem to be lost, a catchy advertising slogan was, “What’s in your wallet?” for CapitalOne credit cards.   Now the catchphrase of the day seems to be, “What’s in the plan?” meaning the financial bailout plan or financial rescue plan as the name was changed to or the presidential candidate’s or local candidate’s plans.

But we should also be asking ourselves what is in our plan – for today, tomorrow and the future – in terms of income, goals, family, relationships, friendships, etc.   It is a question that I am fully able to answer because, whether I am asked it face to face or whether people are looking at information about me as a coach and role model, people want to know what my plan is and whether I am following it.

My plan includes being as fit and healthy as I can possibly be so that I can spend as much quality time with my beautiful girls as I can.

I faithfully log into WOWY, the virtual SuperGym, (click here and then on “My Workouts”), invite people to work out with me (click here and then on “My Buddies”), post on my message board in the Accountability Journal and keep this blog up to date as part of my efforts to show you that I am what I say that I am and doing what I want you to be doing.

I plan on being the best Team Beachbody Coach that I can be so that I can continue to be a full-time work at home dad, like my parents were as farmers.   As a parent, this is the ultimate lifestyle.

I am leading my Team Beachbody Club members to the promised land of the benefits of optimal health and fitness – leading by example and being fully committed to each and every member to answer their questions and give them support and motivation and inspiration.

I will be debt free as my parents were and give my girls financial security.

Personally, after living in the Third World for so many years, materialism has no place in my life, so my needs are very few, but being able to provide the necessities to my children is very important and at the top of the list, besides eating organic food, is a great education.   Education has been a key to my success and it will be a key to their success, too.

I also plan on leading my team of Beachbody coaches to the promised land of financial freedom.   Money is tight for everyone now and if they want to earn a few hundred extra dollars a month or a few thousand or more, I will help them every step of the way.   Earning a living by being a Team Beachbody Coach is something to be proud of because you have helped other people get fit and healthy as your “job”.

My plan revolves fully around using health and fitness to help everyone around me and I live and breath that plan every day of my life.

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