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Leading Thousands Starts by Leading One

By Carl Daikeler, Beachbody ® CEO & Cofounder

Leading thousands begins by leading oneThe “Personal Development”  Message of the Month is  LEADERSHIP. In a recent National Coach Call, I talked about how leadership is in the doing. Leaders don’t quit (unless they want to lead people to quit). They teach perseverance by persevering.

People have told me I am a good leader, but, intellectually, I hardly know what it means. I do know that if you want to build real wealth, you need to be able to lead, and if you want to lead, you have to show that you are willing to do that which you expect others to do.

Michael Jordan was an incredible leader. Not just because he put up amazing numbers, but because his teammates saw that he practiced harder, worked longer, and studied film more intensely than the rest of the team.

Whenever I try to be a better leader, I realize that what I really need to do is be a better example. For instance, I don’t love exercising, but if I want to lead this country to feel better and get fit, I need to work out. I want all our Coaches and customers to get better nutrition so their bodies work and feel better. That’s why I watch my portions and drink Shakeology ® every day.

If you’re not drinking Shakeology and talking about it, you can’t expect your Team to do it.

I invest hours every day in acknowledging leaders on my Facebook page and on Twitter. I can’t expect you to recognize the achievements of your Team unless I show you that we are willing to recognize leadership from the top.

Leadership is in the doing. It is what you do that is the leadership. If you want a Coach on your Team to follow the Game Plan and help you build your business, YOU need to follow the Game Plan. Any day you don’t get your two exposures is a day you didn’t lead by example. That doesn’t mean you are a failure or you should quit. But it does mean that you are not stepping up to the front and taking charge in a way that will put you in a leadership position.

Leadership is in the doing.

Every year, we have a Summit event where we celebrate the prior year, make exciting announcements, and give very valuable training. Every year, there are people who spent the year telling me they were going to be leaders in this business. Then they don’t show up at Summit, and they tell me how much they wished they had been there, and how they wished more of their Team had been there, because now they felt out of the loop.

If you want to lead, get to the Summit! Think you can’t afford it? What are you affording right now that is not supporting you in achieving your “WHY”? I assure you, getting to the Summit will support you in achieving your goals. And it will demonstrate to those whom you want to lead that YOU are “treating this business like a business.”

Leadership is in the doing.

Leadership is not a title. It is not a club. It is a behavior that needs to be practiced every day in order to maintain it. If you want to be a leader, be in control of your destiny, and start the process of moving a Team toward success.  You can start right now by simply doing what you expect your Team to do. Do it today. Hand out at least two DVDs to people. Post the videos on your Facebook and Twitter pages. Follow up with some people whom you showed the material to before who might be prone to consider it now. Do your workouts. Sign up for the Summit, and make a bold public statement to your entire Team so they see that you are leading by example.

Leadership is in the doing. Leadership builds wealth. Are you in this to succeed? Ask yourself that question with honesty, and don’t just answer yes because it’s obvious. If you answer yes, make your commitment to lead. And lead by example.

Leadership is in the doing.

Are you ready to become a leader as a Team Beachbody Coach and start “doing” to change your life, the lives of those around you and to be part of the mission to end the trend of obesity?  Good, then click here to get started.


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