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Team Beachbody Resources for Success Part One – WOWY

When you are part of the Team Beachbody Community or you are a Team Beachbody Club Member, you get a host of benefits, a wealth of information and resources and an array of tools to help you and guide you to accomplishing your goals. With the WOWY (Work Out With You) Virtual Gym, you log in before your workout and join the hundreds of other people working out in the virtual SuperGym at any given time. Among the many benefits of logging into WOWY and completing the workout of your choice:

  • You can join “friends” in the gym for peer support
  • You can invite people to work out with you at a given time
  • You can meet like minded people and “chat” after the workout
  • You get motivated by seeing how others are working out on that day
  • You will be inspired by being able to read other people’s stories
  • you are eligible, just by logging into WOWY and completing the workout of your choice, to win that day’s prize of $300 or merchandise like iPods, cameras and camcorders

To learn how WOWY can benefit you and help you to succeed in achieving your health and fitness goals, please click here for my recorded call about WOWY

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