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Reset Your Body?

When Beachbody product development puts their mind to something, they do it as well as it can be done. With the release of Ultimate Reset two weeks ago today, they have done just that and I am testing it right now!

Why reset your body? Let’s see what Beachbody has to say. “When you think about it, it’s amazing just to be alive. Living in this modern world, where new technologies and industrial advances arrive on a near-daily basis, can sometimes seem absolutely miraculous. But all these modern conveniences have come with a price.

We’re breathing air that’s far from pristine, drinking water that’s not even close to being pure, eating foods laced with things we can’t even pronounce chemical additives, preservatives, and pesticides and absorbing toxins contained in everything from our children’s toys to the pillows where we lay our heads.

Here’s the good news: Your body is a very resilient, very efficient machine, able to neutralize or eliminate most of this chemical onslaught on a daily basis. The bad news is that this incredible machine is being pushed to its limits and you can probably feel the results in the form of lower energy, weight gain, and a weakened immune system. To put it simply, our bodies our own personal survival machines are now struggling to do what they used to do much more easily.

You might not be able to change the environment (although hopefully, we’ll all try a little harder!), but you can change yourself. With a little assistance, you can help your body do again what it once did naturally absorbing more of the things that are good for you and getting rid of the things that are bad.

That’s what the Beachbody Ultimate Resetâ„¢ is all about. In just three weeks, you’ll steer your body from mere survival back to a state of “thrival.”

In just 21 days, you’ll take back your power. Bolster your health. Release what no longer serves you and never did. Learn. Cleanse. And if you’re not already, you’ll become 100 percent in awe of the remarkable creation that you are.”

To learn more about my personal journey with Ultimate Reset, go to my Facebook group by clicking here.

To learn more Ultimate Reset, watch the video below. To order, click here.

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