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Looking Up

supergym-march-2014Because there is no point in looking back, right?

If I did, I would see my SuperGym workout calendar for March (not to mention the first 6 days of April) and see the worst training log that I have ever had.   In fact, over the past three months, it has been pretty dismal.

But I am looking up and looking forward.   I can empathize on multiple levels with people who are out of shape and don’t know where to start and my heart goes out to someone who has let themselves go and is desperate for change.

It is still Sunday morning here in Albuquerque and the girls are slow getting started for the day after what has been a busy as usual weekend so far.

sometimes-god-has-to-put-us-flat-on-our-back-before-we-are-looking-up-to-himPerhaps I just have to accept that it will be slow going for me, too, never having gone for so long without working out.   But just like everyone else facing the same challenge, I know that with dedication and perspiration, progress will be made.   With the will to succeed and the determination to proceed, I can start reaching goals.   Most of all, though, I have to keep looking up, for with faith, all things are possible.

If you want a friend to join you on your journey and help you to overcome your challenges, just let me know.   I’ve had my fair share of them and I would truly like the opportunity to walk with you side by side in yours.


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