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If you think that you can’t be a success story with Team Beachbody…

If you think that you can’t be a success story with Team Beachbody, then you are simply wrong. The reason that I can say that is because, against all odds, I have become a success story. I’ve told this story before, but let me summarize it again.

I became a coach on January 8, 2007. At the time, I was a full time Polar Authorized Internet Dealer, selling Polar heart rate monitors. I was also battling the effects of over 20 years of suffering with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Life was a challenge. By the end of 2007, through no fault of my own, my Polar business ended and I was left with just my income from Team Beachbody and a website that once dominated the Polar business that had to be converted to all Beachbody.

When I began as a Team Beachbody coach, I had extensive experience coaching runners and being a personal trainer, but no experience with online coaching. I had no idea how to be a Team Beachbody Coach because I did not have a coach myself to teach me. To this day, I have never gotten an email from my “coach”. I have never done network marketing and didn’t even know that what we do is considered network marketing. One day, I did receive an email from another coach and started asking questions by email. By mid summer 2007, I also started emailing Kevin Jensen who at the time was head of marketing for Team Beachbody. Along the way, I emailed and got responses a few times from Doug Fitzgerald and Anne Doval, both successful Team Beachbody coaches and then emailed and began a friendship with Traci Morrow. Notice that I said “friend” because I consider Traci just that because she is such an awesome person.

Slowly but surely, I learned what Team Beachbody coaching is and found out everything that I could about Beachbody the company. The more I learned, the more that I appreciated what the opportunity was that I was being involved with. My faith and trust increased, as did my passion. Just like faith in anything else, it gives you the confidence to talk about it and explain it to other people. After a short exchange of emails, a wonderful woman in California called me yesterday and we actually talked for over an hour about Team Beachbody and the opportunity that it gives us to help other people. It was very rewarding to me personally because I was talking about my “fitness ministry” and the faith that goes along with making it a success.

On Monday, I was running in the afternoon and my phone rang (I carry a small Camelbak which most of the year just has my phone and keys but can carry water as I need it in the summer) and it was Mike Bent. He called to congratulate me for being at the top of the leader board for Top Coach in Region 3. I told him thanks and that I didn’t know. Honestly, it is not something that I ever check and actually didn’t even know the criteria. As of this week, my points put me in fourth place out of all coaches nationwide, behind Traci, who is in third and coaches in Region 5 and Region 6.

What Mike’s phone call tells me is that anyone can be a success with Team Beachbody. I had zero experience, no coaching and what I have accomplished is because I am self-taught, self-motivated and simply driven to succeed at everything I do. If you have the ability to learn, if you are motivated and you are driven, then you, too, can be a success story with Team Beachbody. With those three personal traits, your passion and faith will grow and that is a simple formula for success – I know, because that is the simple formula that I used.

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