Keeping My Body Fit and Healthy with BODi

Don’t Just Build Your Body, Build Your Dreams

Instead of just working on your body and building your body, you could be building your dreams and building the dreams of others at the same time.

Are you just going to the gym or working out at home and solely thinking about your issues?   Well what about the same issues faced by all of the people around you that you could be solving while you solve your own?   If you could change a person’s life and give them the gift of health and fitness and better quality of life, wouldn’t you do it?   And if you could help them take their dreams out of the closet and dust them off and help them make their dreams a reality, wouldn’t you do it?

Team Howtobefit and Team Beachbody have those solutions.   You can lose weight, get healthy and feel great with Team Beachbody workout DVD’s and products.   With Team Howtobefit, you can build your own business that will move you toward financial independence just by sharing your success with others.

Everyone around you has a story – whether they are fit and healthy and have good jobs, they still have something that they wish that they could change.   Everyone wants either more money, more time or more recognition and Team Beachbody can offer you all three.   Maybe the fit person is going to the gym all the time to work out.   With Team Beachbody you can save on gym memberships, have more time and spend more time with your family.   Maybe the person with the good job is working 60 hours a week and needs more time   to spend with family and friends and just enjoying life.   With Team Beachbody, you can build a business that will give you residual income and allow you to work less hours and make more money.

If you have passion, ambition and a dream, don’t just focus on problems that are affecting you because virtually everyone has the same problems, the same desires and the same dreams and you can reach out to them and help them change their lives while you change yours.

Wondering how much it costs and how you can start?   There is a $39.95 one time sign up fee to start your Team Beachbody business and after 30 days, you will be billed $14.95 a month for the 3 websites that you are given to promote your business.   You will need to purchase a workout DVD that best suits your needs and the prices range from $44.89 to $89.89 with your 25% business member discount.

So for an initial outlay of no more than $130.00 and then just $14.95 a month, you are the CEO of your own company, you have a workout program with a personal trainer, a nutrition plan and a personal coach to help you get fit and build your business.   You have the ability to be the Jillians and Bobs of the world and you have the ability to change the physical condition of everyone in this country.   You may have success now, but changing the life of someone by helping them lose weight, get in shape, improve the quality of their life and maybe in the process add a few years to their life will give you significance.

If you focus on helping someone else and building friendships and relationships in the process, your own problems will have less meaning and will be solved along the way as a byproduct of passionately reaching out to others in need.

C.S. Lewis said, ” A Friendship Is Born at That Moment When One Person Says to another, ‘What! You Too? I Thought I Was the Only One.”   You aren’t the only one with problems and if you could solve other people’s problems while you solved your own, why wouldn’t you do it?

To start your own business today, just click here for a 30 day free trial.   If it isn’t for you, you can get a full refund before the trial period is over.   You have everything to gain and nothing to lose…

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