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Team Beachbody Launch Party

I procrastinated, finding every excuse  not to have one.   I thought I needed more of something, but not sure what it was.   But  I started getting tired of putting it off and decided to just pick a date for my  Team Beachbody  Business Launch  Party.   I picked April 30th.    I gave myself 3 weeks to prepare for the event.   I  agonized whether I did the right thing.   I emailed Rich asking for his advice.   He gave me some great tips about what to serve, what to place out on the table.   I also took the advice of Laura, and kept it simple.   She told me a  while ago to have one, and to keep it simple and inexpensive.   Her logic was that if I got all elaborate, people might feel like they would have to do that if they were a Coach.   Their advice sounded good to me.
As soon as I picked the date, I sent out invitations through email and Facebook.   I also invited people I met at the park and at the kids’ baseball games.   I over-invited knowing not everyone would show up.
As the date approached, I made sure I kept a goals list  which  I used to plan my party.   One day print out  Product Comparison Guide.   Another day, print out Shakeology info.   Next day print out labels with my contact info.   Things were falling into place.  
With the guidance of Rich, I decided to serve small samples of Shakeology (Chocolate).   I  would serve bite sized portions of P90X Performance Bars, and make a smoothie using Beachbody Vanilla Whey Protein Powder.   These were all products that I used  regularly and loved.   I printed out a recipe sheet for how to use the Vanilla Whey Protein (just 3 recipes – 1  oatmeal, 2 smoothies).    
The day before my party, I was a little concerned  about how I could do this with  everyone’s kids here.   Luckily it was only going to be an hour.   I vacuumed, put toys away, swept the floors. Nothing too  out of the ordinary.
Morning of the party, woke up as usual, read my devotions, did my stretching, showered  and got my older guys ready for school.   I had my  protein-packed oatmeal for breakfast and was ready to go.   I put a table cloth on my dining room table, placed my Team Beachbody products around the table, moved the chairs out of the way, and got my basics  for the smoothie and Shakeology ready to  blend.  
I put the original P90X box out along  with the nutrition guide,  program guide and I put out a  two sets of bands that I use.   I also put out the  BB Squishy Ball and the purple flat resistance band.   I placed my  bite sized protein bars on a  two tiered dessert tray.   I put my Shakeology bag out along with the 2 tubs of  protein powder (van. and choc.).   Then I placed my printouts by the respective product area.   I placed my laptop on the table to play some of the workout videos from the TBB website.
Next, I set out a a pitcher of ice water, in case anyone needed to clean their palate between samples.   Then I put a plate of  Goldfish crackers out for the kids.   I was ready to go.
My first guest arrived with her two kids.   It was someone who didn’t even respond!   So that was a good sign.   I had a total of   8 guests show up some with kids, some without.   Not everyone who RSVP’d as a “yes” showed up, and two people came who never said they were coming.   So it turned out to be a  good crowd.   I was only expecting 5 to show.
I kept the session very informal.   Mostly people trying samples, asking questions, and taking notes on what they liked.   It seemed to go very well.   I’m not sure if I’ll get to Emerald status because of this, but  I did make  8 exposures in  an hour.   And my confidence level shot way up.
I am even already coming up with an idea for a second party.   I’m thinking of having one during the  early summer, when the pool is open (that should attract more people).   Maybe serve some P90X Recovery drink (ice cold).    And I’ll definitely keep it simple.    In fact,  even more simple than this one.
If you’re on the fence about having a Launch Party, or if you feel like you need more products, or more experience, please stop thinking that way.   Just pick a date, stick to it and keep it simple.   Get the word out through email, Facebook and tell your friends to bring friends.   I know you won’t regret it.

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