Helping Keep Bodies Fit and Healthy with BODi
Helping Keep Bodies Fit and Healthy with BODi

Two questions I am frequently asked

Are you reaching for the purple stone?I’ve been getting asked these two questions recently, and thought I would provide an answer –

Question 1 – What does TOPSTONE mean?

TOPSTONE is the name of our business for very specific reasons.   In the literal sense, TOPSTONE means ‘the final stone, placed on top’. What TOPSTONE means to me runs much deeper. TOPSTONE or CAPSTONE is usually a term used to imply completion. In my case, TOPSTONE represents not just achievement, but the ultimate achievement; the kind of achievement that transcends and changes your life forever.

Those who know me now and even when I was 65 pounds heavier know that I think fast on my feet, act decisively, and move fast. They also know I accept nothing less than the very best from those around me. I’ve never settled, nor will I. Until recently, I’d accomplished all but one thing I’d ever set out to accomplish. For me, this one thing was my weight.

The only thing in the universe ever holding me back from truly realizing that I could do absolutely anything I set my mind to has now been removed. If you’ve seen our company logo, you’ll know the TOPSTONE is purple. While I have not yet placed my hand onto that purple stone, it is in sight, and I am climbing higher and higher every single day.

That surging break-through feeling, the release of my spirit, and the renewal of enthusiasm that has been infused into me with my recent whole body transformation is an incredible feeling and I want you to have a similar experience in your life.

Reaching your TOPSTONE isn’t just about losing weight; it isn’t just about personal development, improving relationships, or even reaching fitness goals. It is about introspection, self-study, honesty, and the total realization of your true potential.

Once you have the purple stone in sight, you will be driven to share your experience with others and that is the duplication I am counting on. My good friend Rich Dafter recently said, “If you were leading a cross country race, you wouldn’t drop back to see how the rest of the team is doing. You would keep pushing the pace and pulling them along with you.”

The front is always where I’ve led from and like I always do, I will continue to assess my goals, increase expectations when necessary, make adjustments, and just keep pushing until I reach my TOPSTONE.

Question 2 – Why did you become a Beachbody Coach?

Based on my response to question 1, the answer may be partially revealed. However, there are nuances here that warrant further explanation.

First, and perhaps most importantly, I did NOT become a coach for the money. I already have a great job and I’m already successful in the IT industry. If you are having computer problems, I’m here to help as long as you are one of my coaches!

Second, Beachbody gets a super-sized portion of the credit with helping my transformation. I’ve been an advocate and consumer of Beachbody products for the last three years. However, my whole-body transformation is less than a year old!

Does this mean Beachbody products don’t work? Heck no, it means Cale wasn’t working!

To answer the question specifically and directly, I became a Beachbody coach after doing my research into how I could reach the most people with my message of transformation and transcendent achievement.

Yes, Beachbody is a multi-level marketing based company, but with a twist that happens to interlock with my mission at TOPSTONE. For those who dig in deeply, fight off their inner demons; push through their emotional, personal, and physical comfort barriers following the Beachbody fitness model; that purple stone is waiting for them on the other side.

From a health and wellness perspective, Beachbody absolutely embodies the concepts behind TOPSTONE. Our goals to pursue transcendental achievement are twin spires pushing through the clouds.

Do I enjoy the money I get as a coach? Heck yes! It’s a fun side effect to doing what I’m most passionate about anyway.

If you’ve considered becoming a coach, are interested in helping others, or need a job where you can be your own boss and find success, please consider this –

If you enjoy helping others and you don’t need the money, become a coach and start sharing your experience with others. Often that is all the motivation they need to begin reaching for their own TOPSTONE.

If you are looking for a great, multi-beneficial way to improve your own life, from both a financial and health and wellness perspective, become a coach. Even if you don’t make a dime, which won’t be the case, you will have begun your own transformation and will begin reaching for your own purple stone.

I believe whole-heartedly in what I’m doing with Beachbody and if my message is appealing to you, then please join our team and make today the day you set your sites on that purple stone.

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