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Where did all of my trash go?

Here is a side effect of using Shakeology that my wife and I did not plan for. Back near the end of last summer, we considered contacting our local garbage servicing company and requesting another garbage can. We had one large recycle container, and one large trash container. Because we had to pack them down, we thought about getting another trash can.

I’m so glad we didn’t. We’ve noticed something recently that took a little thinking before we figured it out. Like clockwork, every Sunday afternoon, we would make sure all the trash cans in the house were empty; we’d pack down the large trash can and recycle bins, and roll them out to the street.

The first time we did this recently and noticed that we didn’t have to pack the cans, we didn’t think much of it. As the weeks past, we started to notice something. There just wasn’t as much trash as before.

Now my wife is great at recycling. She even rinses things out so garbage workers don’t get icky working with our recyclables! I tease her all the time about that 🙂

As time went on, we noticed that we were only putting the cans out on the street about every 2-3 weeks. That’s when it hit us!

With Shakeology and the other fresh foods we were eating, we just didn’t produce as much trash. No cardboard boxes from anywhere in the middle of the grocery store, no soft drink cans, potato chip bags.

When our two Shakeology bags arrive each month, we each get one bag, one scoop, and one of those little moisture bags inside the Shakeology bag. We also get two small boxes, which we re-use, and an invoice.

Because this is one meal for each of us and each bag lasts 30 days, we have reduced the amount of food related waste that goes into our trash cans.

I love that we are drinking Shakeology to be healthier while at the same time reducing our footprint on the landfills.

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