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Did You Fall Off of the “Fitness Cliff”?

According to this article, “Don’t fall off the “fitness cliff”: How to stick to your New Year’s exercise goals” from a study by Gold’s Gym, yesterday was “the turning point when people who committed themselves to gym-going in January slack off and stop showing up regularly. They call it the “‘fitness cliff.'”
Are you doing okay this year so far?   Did you make resolutions that you are still sticking to?   Are you still focused on your goals?   Are you sticking to a plan?

If not, then let me be the tree branch that breaks your fall.   On  Monday, February 22nd, we are formally starting a 21 day accountability group focused on getting you back on track and forming a positive habit to keep you going.

Coinciding with the new group is the release of our newest accountability tool, the My Challenge Tracker app for iPhone and Android which will provide you with enhanced accountability and support.   It will be available on  February 15th  and I am setting that as the “pregame” start date so that we can all get the app, get familiar with it, decide on the program that we are going to do and start planning for the official start  one week later.

To be in the group, you must be doing a Beachbody program.   If you already have one, great, but if not, the week between the “pregame” and official start date gives you plenty of time to order a Beachbody program.

If you are interested, please  email  me or  message  me and I will add you to the group.   I am really looking forward to working out together with you and getting or staying on track as we head into the spring.





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