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Are You Using the Power of Teamwork?

As March Madness continues on to its championship, what often times sets the winning team apart from the losers? Teamwork. Pure and simply, the group of people that works best together to achieve a common goal will have the best chance of winning. So it is with Team Howtobefit.

This newsletter represents the efforts of one individual who is driven to succeed because he wants to be an integral part of and a supportive member of a team. You are part of that team, too, when you join us, and as we all work together to achieve our common goals of improved health and fitness, better nutrition and always making positive lifestyle choices, it will be the support and accountability that we provide each other that will make the difference between success and failure.

As I enter a new phase of my own training, I see at the end of the workout that I am doing, a group of people who exchange high fives because they have completed the workout. We are here to give you
high fives for losing a pound this week or realizing that one of your food choices just wasn’t right for your body’s needs or finally giving up a vice that has been an impediment to your success.

I’ve watched a great little movie a few times that features the Blue Angels in its theme of The Power of Teamwork. Just as the planes fly in tight formation and are totally dependent on each other to do the right things in every situation, you can depend on your Team Howtobefit teammates, to be at your “wing tip” and support and guide you when you waver. We want you to “get fit with Team Howtobefit” so that we are all exchanging high fives at the end of the day!

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