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Insanity Day Five – Pure Cardio

After my body had a few hours to bask in the euphoria of thinking it had a recovery day from Insanity yesterday, it came back to reality and my legs were pretty sore. When I did Pure Cardio this morning, I felt like I had done a workout yesterday but also got in a good stretch.

Pure Cardio is a 39:00 workout with about a 17:00 warm up and stretch that is a lot like a workout before the workout even starts. This workout had the most people taking breaks and giving the camera looks like, “Are you kidding?” In fact, as I go through each one of the workouts, I think that is my consistent reaction to each one so far, “Are you kidding?”

I know by now that you really want to get on the “insane” journey that is Insanity, so click here to start!

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