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10 Reasons To Fast

Team Beachbody has a wonderful praise and worship workout program that combines the power of your faith with your desire to lose weight and get fit. But what do you do when your faith is being challenged and you need something more than a workout?

Friday night and Saturday were so challenging to me that I turned to an unplanned fast. I had no appetite at all yesterday morning and I decided to simply not eat. I then decided that a hike would be in order to clear my mind. What evolved was a spiritual journey that guided me to do a 2 hour hike in the Sandia Mountains on the Fawlty Trail just north of Tijeras, NM and a virtually all day fast.

Dinner Friday night was a vegan meal consisting of a portabello mushroom sandwich at the Annapurna World Vegetarian Cafe and I didn’t eat again until Saturday mid afternoon when I had a Chocolate Shakeology made with plain low fat yogurt, bananas and almond milk. I followed that with a dinner of another Chocolate Shakeology, this time making it the same way as in the afternoon but adding a large scoop of peanut butter.

The result of my fast? I actually felt stronger and my prayers were answered. I experienced extraordinary blessings and my faith was strengthened.

For more on fasting, I suggest turning to this article by Steve Edwards entitled, 10 Reasons to Fast. It starts by saying, “Fasting isn’t a trend. It’s one of the oldest therapies in medicine and its recorded practice dates back thousands of years. But these days, it’s hard to peruse the magazines at your local market without being provided a myriad of “trendy” fasting options promising greater health, spiritual enlightenment, and most of all, weight loss. It’s also pretty easy to find literature warning of the dangers of fasting. So let’s have a look at fasting, its history, benefits, and whether or not you might want to make it part of your lifestyle.”

To read the rest of the article, please click here

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