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Pray for the Health of Our Nation

This morning, I read this headline, “Obesity to Worsen, Weigh Heavily on Healthcare Costs“. The article went on to say that “If present trends continue, about half of both men and women in the United States will be obese by 2030, health experts warned”.

What is most tragic about this article is this, “Obesity is fast replacing tobacco as the single most important preventable cause of chronic non-communicable diseases, and will add an extra 7.8 million cases of diabetes, 6.8 million cases of heart disease and stroke, and 539,000 cases of cancer in the United States by 2030.”

That is an extraordinary financial burden on our economy. The article says, “Due to overeating and insufficient exercise, obesity is now a growing problem everywhere and experts are warning about its ripple effects on health and healthcare spending.

Obesity raises the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, various cancers, hypertension, high cholesterol, among others.

Because of obesity, the United States can expect to spend an extra 2.6 percent on its overall healthcare bill, or $66 billion per year.”

We need to pray for the health of our nation. Our survival as a nation depends on those prayers. We need to work together as a nation to become physically and emotionally fit and strong. With the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks looming, we need to look forward and fearlessly make our nation whole, healthy and strong again.

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