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A Kickstart and a “Fix”

steel-cut-oatsIt’s after 10:00 and I am finally able to sit down and eat my steel cuts oats for breakfast.   This must be at least the 1,000th time, since I’ve had them almost every morning since April 25th, 2012.   That is the day that I started The Ultimate Reset and you can read about it by clicking here. The steel cut oats are a little different now than then.   Now, as then, I make them with almond milk and plain 2% Greek yogurt, but I also add peanut butter, maple syrup and cinnamon so that they are pretty substantial.

My day started early today and I ran 33:33 this morning, leaving at 7:20 and getting to watch the sun rise over the Sandias.   I came back, made my Chocolate Shakeology, fed the dogs, rabbits, took a shower, did some things around the house and now it is way past mid-morning.

3-day-refresh-packageAfter running yesterday and today, I am going to take a day off tomorrow from running and start the 21 Day Fix with my friend and fellow coach Jessica Jorge Watters.   I also will do the 3 Day Refresh to kickstart some weight loss and get rid of some fat that has crept in where muscle used to be.

I am able to finally plan my workouts and take charge of my body and my life.   It was an exceptionally challenging past eight months, but just three weeks ago today, God’s mysterious ways became apparent and in the last 21 days, He did His own “fix” and life became what I have prayed for in all those months.

Now I can focus on reversing the effects of all of the stress that ruled my life and get back on a path much like the one that I undertook in April 2012.   Stress reigned supreme then and the Ultimate Reset worked wonders.   This time, I am combining the new 3 Day Refresh and the 21 Day Fix to see what God will bring about in the next 3 weeks.21-day-fix-package

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