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21 Day Fix Day One (Again)

summer-bodies-are-made-in-winterGiven the opportunity to work out with a friend in the SuperGym and in our Take Charge of Your Body for Life Facebook challenge group, I decided to start the 21 Day Fix over again.   It was an easy decision really because I had already gotten behind on my workouts.   Over the past 3 weeks I have been moving back home and I didn’t finish until Friday, so it was a blessing to have Jessica and some other people to start all over again today.

How was the workout?   I actually loved it.   The last time, I skipped the first workout and opted instead to run as my cardio workout.   But as I posted on Facebook, running comes as naturally to me as breathing, so the 21 Day Fix Total Body Cardio Fix was a workout.   From now on, I am doing every workout on every day that it is scheduled.   I will cut back my runs to just 20:00 to 30:00 until I adapt to the double workouts.

supergym-temperature-012615Until I did that Cardio Fix workout, I didn’t really want to do The Fix.   The heater doesn’t work in our sunroom where we work out and as you can see, the temperature was just 42 degrees.   That’s a great running temperature for January, but I made a commitment to my workout partners and I also had entered The Beachbody Challenge (getting a T-shirt for completing a workout works for me and if you send in your results, you could win $500.00).

So I did it with my E & E on the weight rack within easy reach and then made my Chocolate Shakeology “replacement” drink right after the workout.   That has been the routine that has worked for me for years – E & E before and with the workout and Shakelogy after to restore and replenish.

e-and-e-weight-rackTomorrow is Upper Fix so I am looking forward to that and I will warm up before it with a 20:00 run.   If you want to join me in the SuperGym, that would be great.   The Gym is free and there are thousands of people working out in it at all hours of the day and night – and you don’t have to leave home to be in it!

PS – I am not going to do the 3 Day Refresh this time.   Christy and the girls went to Colorado to watch Preston play basketball and she needed the Refresh after a weekend of eating at restaurants.   She said that the Fiber Shake tastes good and I tried the Vanilla Shake.   If you have had Vanilla Shakeology, it doesn’t taste that good, but it isn’t too bad.

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