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Families on a Mission

There’s that word mission again.   I recently used it in another blog post and stated how I can’t say, “mission accomplished”.   This time, though, it is so appropriate because the Team Beachbody community is on a mission to end the trend of obesity and the epidemic of diabetes.

When there is a fire, flood, tornado or some other natural disaster, families help families with their immediate needs and with donations for long term help.   The government declares disaster areas and financial help becomes available.

With all of the bad news that overwhelms media reports these days, it is easy to overlook the “natural disaster” that is occurring every day across our nation.   As we eat our way to obesity and inactivity becomes the norm, our nation is a disaster that is happening 24/7 in every state of the union.

But some families are actively helping other families with their immediate needs of educating themselves to eat less and eat more nutritiously and to exercise regularly and more effectively.   Those families are in the Team Beachbody community as members, coaches and individuals within the company who are tirelessly helping other people improve their quality of life.

For the most part, they are all families on a mission.   From Carl and Isabelle Daikeler and their children – – (the CEO of Beachbody), to the tens of thousands of coaches that have made this a family business, to all of the members of the community who have started working out to lose weight and get in shape and found out that their families were turning to them as role models.

The CEO position is taken, but you can certainly join the Team Beachbody community as a family on a mission using your family fitness business not only to give you financial independence, but to also keep your family healthy and fit.   You can be a family on a mission, too, as a member family that is a role model in your neighborhood and your community.

Why not join us in the Team Beachbody community and make yours a family on a mission.   The positive things that you are doing right now can have such a huge impact on other families around you and help so many of them recover from the ravages of the health consequences of obesity and diabetes.

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