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Yoga? P90X Day 4…

Honestly if I am doing another Beachbody workout program in between rounds of P90X, I don’t think much about the order of the P90X workouts.   I auto schedule them in WOWY and whatever comes up in the first week is what it is.

Today, when I saw that it was Yoga X, I was wishing that it wasn’t what it was…

But, Tony Horton’s opening remarks always seem to put my thinking in the right place and when he said, “The great thing about Yoga X is that it is going to focus on your weak spots”, I knew that this workout was for me.   The Shoulders and Arms “glamor” workout was yesterday.   Today obviously I needed to focus on my weak spots.   He went on to say that it gives you “strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and calmness of mind”, all five of which I am very much in need of.

When that music started, I knew that I was in for both a physical and spiritual journey.   I stayed in the moment as Tony said and did as much of the workout as I could in the amount of time that I had.

Yes, I got the calmness of mind, but I also got one heck of a workout, too!

You can learn more about P90X by clicking here and you can join me in the WOWY SuperGym each day by clicking here.


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