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Okay, so you are thinking, “Not some new thing that we have to do to lose weight and be healthy”.   No, it isn’t something new, it is something quite old – writing things down, keeping a diary, having a training log, journaling – these are all old things that have been done for ages and are proven to work.   I should know because I have kept a running log for 27 years and it has worked for me, just as keeping a log or diary or journal will work for you.

Our Accountability Journal has a simple list of 10 basic things that you should do each day and a simple scoring system of one point for each item on the list.   Learning from the example of other accountability groups, we know that the list and scoring system works.   Here is a sample post:

“What a difference a 9 makes. I also remembered back to a running friend who used to do 3 short runs a day on his breaks and at lunch at work at a Ford assembly plant in NJ. He was an awesome runner and became so good because he adapted to his situation and made the most of the time that he had to work out. Everyone has an extra 10:00 and with even as little as 10:00 a day, you can be a perfect “10” in your Accountability Journal!”

Worked out in WOWY: 1 point – yes
Posted in Accountability Journal: 1 point – yes
Stayed hydrated: 1 point – yes
Drank no soda or sweetened drinks: 1 point – yes
No fast food or junk food: 1 point – yes
Drank Shakeology as recovery drink, meal or snack: 1 point – yes
Nothing to eat 3 hours before bed: 1 point – yes
3 Meals: 1 point – yes
2 Snacks: 1 point – yes
7 – 8 hours of sleep: 1 point – no (5 to be precise)

Total: 9 points!

The more people that start posting, the more people that we will have to be accountable to and the better results that we will get. It takes less than 2:00 a day to keep track and you have a record of success.

Join us today by clicking on this link – Team Howtobefit Accountability Journal

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