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Shakeology For (My) Life

In previous posts, I’ve mentioned Shakeology and its role in my health, fitness and fueling my now incredibly busy lifestyle.   I have correctly credited Team Beachbody with the complete turnaround in my health which took a precipitous fall in May of 1985.   You can read about those chapters of my life here.   The “comeback” resulted from numerous factors, including a low stress lifestyle, great workouts and all of the Team Beachbody nutritionals that I was taking.

Then along came Shakeology and the Great Recession and more changes in my life.   Bye, bye life as I knew it and hello stress again.   Let’s just call it a mid-life crisis and leave it at that, but at 59, having a midlife crisis would mean that I am only half way to the end and that is a great prospect!

Currently, I feel like a contestant on “Survivor” going through a deprivation test with little sleep and little food and lots of tasks to do.   But amazingly, I remain healthy, fit, determined and my energy level is better than it has ever been.

On drugs you must think?   No, what is fueling me and sustaining me is a simple, quickly prepared shake every day (and sometimes two).   It is Shakeology and it is getting me through this crisis and has been an incredible blessing.

You owe it to yourself to try it, risk free, for 30 days so that you, too, can experience all the benefits of Shakeology.   To learn more and to purchase Shakeology, click here.

Maybe you are thinking that it won’t work for you.   To see what doctors are saying about Shakeology, watch the video below.

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