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Fitness with Diana — ASYLUM: Vertical Plyo

WOW…I did not like this workout! Not because it’s not absolutely amazing, but because I felt so completely out of shape with it. I don’t think any amount of Insanity can prepare someone for Vertical Plyo. My goals with Vertical Plyo is not only to be able to get through it with as few breaks as possible, but also to like it enough to look forward to it like I do all the others. It is a true challenge, and I do look forward to seeing my results.

The great thing about Vertical Plyo (really all the Insanity and Asylum workouts) is I don’t think you can ever plateau. It’s too crazy! There is always room to improve: stretch the band further; upgrade the band; jump higher, farther, faster, etc. Totally amazing program!

I will continue to push play and bring it in my workouts and look forward to adding this to hybrids after this 1st round (maybe even more rounds of pure Asylum).

In anything you do, do your best and you’ll get results!

Yours in Health,

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