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A Question of Ministry

If you have ever visited my personal social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you may wonder why I never post about Team Beachbody or coaching or anything related to business.   That’s because there, I share my faith and I make it a point to share everything health and fitness related as my “ministry” here and on my Facebook business page.

Awana - Because Kids Matter

I share about Awana on my personal profiles, I share about Calvary Church Albuquerque and I share about the Bible.   But my other ministry, though, is health and fitness and I pursue helping others with an energy and enthusiasm as if I were a pastor.   Apparently that is because when I was a sophomore at Rutgers, I took an aptitude test and it showed that I should either be a brick layer or a minister.   Obviously the test didn’t include height and weight because I am not big enough to be a brick layer or tall enough to be a pastor!

Over the Good Friday, Passover and Easter weekend, I had plenty to share on my personal profiles and you saw things like…

Good Friday Calvary Church Albuquerque



But to keep balance in my ministry, I stayed silent on my business profiles out of respect for the celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ…

Easter Sunrise Calvary Church Albuquerque

…and joined over 20,000 other people at Lobo Stadium for the Calvary Church Albuquerque Easter Sunrise service message from the series “Bloodline“.

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