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Team Beachbody #6 on Top Network Marketing Companies List!

Wow, according to Matt Morris, author of “The Unemployed Millionaire” in his list of the top of the Top 80 Network Marketing Companies:   February 2010, Team Beachbody comes in at #6!   You can check out the list, which we just qualified for (you have to be in network marketing for 3 years) and you can see all of the companies that we are ahead of (and the handful that we still have to catch!).   To learn more about Team Beachbody, click here.

Here are his criterion to consider when you or anyone you know is considering a new network marketing opportunity.

What To Consider Before Joining a Network Marketing Company…

Products. Look for the product that gets you most excited and that’s the best product for you. The key to success in network marketing comes from keeping yourself excited and bought-in psychologically to the product you’re selling.

Leadership. I once walked away from a six-figure income solely because I lost faith in the company’s leadership. A foundation of integrity is the bedrock of success for any network marketing company. When you promote a company, that company’s reputation and integrity will be a direct reflection of your reputation and integrity.

Sales and Marketing Programs. Make absolutely sure the company you are considering has a strong sales and marketing program in place. That way, all you and your organization will have to do is use the tools (i.e. CDs, DVDs, brochures, magazines, web sites, etc.)   to do the presenting for you.

Mentorship. Is there someone in the company with a track record of success in building his or her income who is also able to assist others in creating success as well? Your chances of success will sky rocket if you can work with someone who has experienced success and wants to help you become successful. Most importantly, your mentor should be someone you trust and believe in.

Timing. Timing is not going to make or break your success but it’s something to consider. I’ll share more on timing following the next list of top network marketing companies.

I hope you enjoyed this month’s list of the top network marketing companies! If we left your company off (and they match the criteria I previously listed), please let me know in the comments section below.

For more information about network marketing, get your copy of The Unemployed Millionaire:

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