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Seeking Church For Fitness Ministry

That sounds like a newspaper ad, but if you are a pastor, this post is for you.   At any given time, as you look out over your congregation, you will see the same percentage of people who are overweight or obese.   Churchgoers are no more healthy than non churchgoers because we all live in a society filled with “sinful” food and lead lifestyles that are far less active than desirable.

What I am proposing is to make the “body of Christ” – the believers in your house of worship – healthier and more physically fit.   You can do this as a non-profit and be able to offer your parishioners the opportunity to join a free online fitness club or give them the option to be paying members and do a fitness fundraiser.

There is no cost whatsoever to your church, nor does it take church space or involve any church staff or volunteers.   The whole fitness ministry and fitness fundraiser (if you choose that option) is handled by one of my team of coaches.   They are located across the country and may even be in your immediate area.

Take this opportunity now to improve the health and wellness of the members of your church.   If you are ready to have a fitness ministry at your church and do a fitness fundraiser, contact me by clicking here.

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