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What Runners Should Know About Shakeology

Runners, the most important thing that you should know about Shakeology is that you should be drinking it every day.   How would I know, you ask?   First of all, I’ve been a competitive runner for almost 44 years.   In my 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, I was running national class times.   At 59, I still train 7 days a week.   I am a runner who knows running and what the human body needs to meet the demands of running.

When I first got Shakeology, I used it before my long run so that it fueled my workout.   Although the results were great, I have since switched to using Performance Formula (see my previous post) before my workouts and Shakeology twice after my workouts (yes, twice).   As soon as I get back from my run, I have a 1/2 strength Shakeology as a recovery drink and then after showering and getting ready for work, have another Shakeology, this time with plain yogurt and banana.   I drink Shakeology in conjunction with a very healthy and nutritious, mostly organic diet with never any junk food, fast food, soda or other sweetened drinks.

What Shakeology does for me is to provide immediate nutrition to replace the calories that I burned in the workout and then to provide sustained nourishment for my body for the rest of the day that will accelerate my recovery time.   Because of that, I am able to maintain my mileage and train 7 days a week, which has always worked best for me.

Shakeology is available in bulk packages that last 30 – 45 days, as well as single serve packaging with 24 packets.   It is also available on home direct (I use this method so that it is shipped every month and I never run out).   Purchasing Shakeology on home direct also has 3 other advantages – free shipping, a free shaker cup and the two workout DVD’s – Shakeology 30 and Shakeology 50 –   which I do as my strength training workouts.

To learn more about Shakeology or to get started by purchasing it today, just click here.

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