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A Thank You Letter to My Team of Coaches

Hi Team,
Friday when I drop off the girls, I am pretty tired and feeling a little sad because I won’t see them again until Monday. Although I intended to run, I walked instead and for some reason started thinking about Christmas Day 1981. That day was my last day of living in Guatemala after five years and although I was returning to the US and would see my parents and friends for the first time in many years, the day was very much tinged with sadness. I had lived in the village of Boca del Monte the whole time and words just couldn’t do justice in describing how beautiful the place and that life was. Although everything had been packed for the move and there was no evidence of Christmas, a neighbor brought me a meal consisting of some meat and vegetables and a McIntosh apple. It was an act of giving and sharing that I will never forget considering how poor, in our terms, the villagers were.

My years in Latin America, both in Guatemala and Colombia made me a minimalist. To this day, my joy and satisfaction in life come not from getting, but from giving and sharing. That is what makes being a Team Beachbody coach so perfect for me because it is all about giving and sharing. The success that I have achieved so far has not been because I have great business sense or an ability to sell something, but rather that I can live the ideals and the vision of the company. If you had the opportunity to listen to Carl Daikeler on the Team Genesis call on Tuesday (you can listen to the recording by clicking here and I highly recommend it), you know how important it has been to maintain the integrity of the company and the vision of helping other people as a community. He also wrote a wonderful article in this month’s Momentum and this quote is his belief in a nutshell:

“At our Coach event in the Philadelphia area a couple weeks ago, I looked out at 120 faces expressing compassion and caring not ego, not greed. As excited as they all were to hear about the benefits of the Beachbody coaching opportunity, they were also just human beings, as alarmed by the obesity trend and saddened by its effects on the health of friends and family as I am. They were there to figure out how to spread the word and help people.
As you consider your role as a Coach, and awaken each day to contemplate how you can approach this business opportunity to earn an extra income, perhaps things would go better if you flipped the premise. How would you approach sharing these products that dramatically transform the health and fitness of people if you WEREN’T getting anything in exchange for it?
If you ask me, it’s OUR DUTY to tell people about these simple programs that make it convenient and cost-effective to get healthy! That’s what we all signed up for to simplify the process of getting healthy and to transform the obesity trend. It doesn’t have to be the gym. It’s not all about weight-loss centers and packaged replacement food.
It is about helping people take action and caring enough to recommend what really works. That’s it. And when you put your heart into communicating that, you will feel satisfaction like most people never feel over an entire career of paper-pushing.”

I know in my heart that you are as committed as I am to giving and sharing and that together we can impact our world. I want to personally thank each and every one of you for your dedication, persistence, hard work and passion. It is what sets our team apart and means the world to me.

Have a wonderful holiday!


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