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Bailing the Wax Under My Wick As Fast As I Can

Do you have a vision of your life or your body that the light of hope is quickly going out on? My light of hope revolves around my ability to run, which has become so challenging that I thought that the melted wax under the wick of the candle of my life was going to extinguish the flame.

I had, in fact, already started saying things like, “I will be a role model” or that it had become “pointless” to keep track of all of those things that revolve around running.

Are you faced with the same dimming hope or have you given up already and assumed that your “light of hope” will go out? I don’t know what your dreams are or what your vision of your future is, but I do know that success could be near at hand and you will never know if you give up.

In my case, I am trying a new approach – a new way to solve the problem that I have been faced with for years. If they are right when they say that repeating the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is a sign of insanity, then what I have been doing qualifies as insane. I don’t give up, ever, but perhaps I have been making the mistake of assuming that if I do what worked before, then it will work again.

Are you trying to lose weight and about to give up because you simply aren’t making any progress or the challenge is too great or you have simply lost hope after too many failures? My advice would be to try a new approach before your flame flickers and goes out and all hope is lost.

Are you an athlete who has let yourself “go” and find it too hard to get back in shape or can’t believe that with work you will regain most of your competitive prowess? Have you thought of trying a new approach?

Are you older and think that the best of your life has been experienced and now you will have to accept the aches and pains of being older and slower and the rest of the things that are now accepted as part of the aging process – when in fact they don’t need to be?

I’m 57 and I am bailing the melted wax under my wick as fast as I can so that the ever shortening wick doesn’t drown my flame in that accumulating melted wax. You can lose weight, you can be fit again, you can be competitive again and you don’t have to let your body age unnecessarily.

Take charge of your life and try a new approach to solve your problem and overcoming your challenges. I did and I am already seeing results. My strength training workouts on DVD are giving me strength, flexibility and a level of overall fitness and conditioning that I never anticipated and it is making my running easier. Although I just do a very short run after my strength workout, after over 40 years of running, I can see and feel subtle changes that give my hope and keep my flame alive.

Find your new approach to the challenge that you are facing and maybe, just maybe, you will have the same success that I am experiencing and it will be enough to keep your flame of hope alive. And I would definitely recommend bailing that melted wax under your wick in the meantime, though, so that you can buy some more time!

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