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Insanity Day Four – Cardio Recovery

Do you ever have that thought, “Well, I’m tired and I have to ______________.   Who hasn’t, right?   I’ve had a busy week and busy weekend so far and I was tired from the first two Insanity workouts.   I also had to get the Team Howtobefit newsletter done because it generally goes out Sunday mornings.   Add to that the fact that I had a bad headache when I woke up from being dehydrated and today had all the necessary ingredients for an excuse day.   But with some water, some coffee, some Performance Formula and some will, come 6:00 am, I was ready for Insanity Cardio Recovery.   Honestly, I didn’t think that Shaun T had going easy on us in his workout repertoire, but that is exactly what he did and what an awesome workout just at the right time.

It is never too late to join me on my insane journey – Insanity!

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