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Let’s Face It, Some People Can Afford to be Obese

They say that by 2018, an obese person will pay about $2,500 more in health care costs so they probably pay maybe $1,500.00 more now.   The cost of a good Team Beachbody workout ranges between $59.85 and $119.85 and the Team Beachbody Club membership is just over $150.00 a year. You probably want to get more than one program and it makes sense to also become a distributor to get the 25% discount, so that adds just over $200.00.   With the Club and distributor memberships and buying 3 programs a year, that means that you are going to pay less than half of what you would spend going to the doctor, taking medications and struggling with health issues.   However, if you choose not to exercise regularly and not to eat nutritiously, you still get to be fat, so maybe that is worth the extra $1,500.00 that you spend on additional health care.

Compared to a gym, there are 7 Team Beachbody trainers to choose from and from the example above, you could have three different trainers in a year and use three different 90 day programs by choosing some of the best programs from the over 60 different workout DVDs at Team Beachbody.

I used to think that I knew what people would like or what they could afford but now I realize that people will buy anything if it is right for them.   The gym is right for some people and they need to go to the gym.   They can afford the $50.00 to $75.00 a month membership fee and some can afford to pay for a personal trainer when they are there.   For other people, they just don’t like the gym and seek alternatives like walking or bicycling or running for their cardio and may or may not do strength training.

To each his own, right, but when it comes to paying an extra $1,500.00 in health care costs next year just to stay obese and not change your lifestyle versus spending about $650.00 to have 3 complete workout programs that include strength, cardio and nutrition plans, plus the benefits of the Club membership and the 25% distributor discount, is that really a hard decision?

Heck, you could even add in Shakeology for 9 months and still be ahead of the game versus going to the doctor and paying for prescriptions and treatments if necessary.   But again, some people can afford to be obese and to each his own, right…

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