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Expressions of Gratitude on Thanksgiving

Last evening, we went to a service of gratitude at our church and the pastor related the story of Corrie Ten Boom.   I did some research this morning and created her story of gratitude below.

The Ten Boom family was sent to a concentration camp by the Nazis who had occupied the Netherlands during WWII.   When Corrie’s popular girl’s club was banned, although a devout Chrisitan, she began harboring Jews before they could be rounded up by the Nazis.   Corrie and older sister Betsie were eventually sent to one of the worst concentration camps, the notorious Ravensbrück, and kept in an overcrowded, flea infested barracks.   Even under the worst of circumstances Betsie insisted to Corrie that they express gratitude and thanks.   It turns out that because their conditions were so bad, they were rarely visited or bothered by the guards and could continue to read scripture and profess their faith.   Before Betsie died there, she told her sister, “There is no pit so deep that God’s love is not deeper still.”   Corrie was later released on New Year’s Eve 1944 because of what she later said was a clerical error.   A week later, the women prisons her age in the camp were killed.   As she said later, “God does not have problems. Only plans.”

To learn more about the Ten Booms and their heroic efforts during WWII, please click here

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