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Fitness with Diana Asylum: My favorite workout program so far!

I do believe Asylum is my favorite workout program to date!   All the workouts in this program are created to prepare you for Game Day, the first of which is on day 11.   I was nervous for Game Day since Vertical Plyo is the craziest workout ever created (a workout in which I am determined to conquer not only my fears of the workout itself, but also the “oh so innocent looking” agility ladder).    Game Day is a challenging workout where Shaun T makes you feel as though you are competing in the sport of basketball, wrestling and swimming (to name a few) while only using your body and imaging.   This program focuses on strength, agility and speed.

Shaun T wasn’t kidding when he said Insanity is the warm-up and Asylum is the workout!   Insanity focuses on speed, while Asylum takes it to a whole other level by adding agility and strength to the mix.

I actually do not enjoy strength training, but would incorporate it into my workout programs because I know how important it is.   However, I look forward to Asylum:   Strength since it has such a unique style of training where Shaun T adds weights and resistance bands to cardio/plyometrics.   One of the moves is in and out pushups with bands on your hands and ankles while staying inside the agility ladder!   Crazy!

When I am complete with my first round of Asylum I am going right into a second!

Asylum also created hybrids with Insanity as well as P90X to add variety (although I can’t imagine getting bored with this one).

I look forward to getting my Asylum “I’m committed” t-shirt at the end of round one.

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