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18 – 4 and Shakeology Wins Again!

Well, everyone, one year ago today, there were 18 vitamin and supplement bottles lined up on my kitchen counter and I took all of them every day.   That was thanks to a car accident that left me chronically ill for over 20 years and then finding someone who could suggest the right combination of vitamins and supplements to at least keep me healthy and active for the last 5 years.

A year ago, of the 18 bottles on the shelf, 8 were Team Beachbody nutritional products and they had replaced other health food store products that I had been using.   I actually had each one analyzed so that before I switched to Team Beachbody products, I knew that I would be getting the same or better quality.   The results of the analysis were “excellent” for every one and switching to them meant that I felt the same or even better.

Then along came Shakeology in March of last year and I of course got it and started drinking it – and got it analyzed.   Before starting to drink it, I even had blood work done for baseline information.   When you have been chronically ill for 20 years and you start feeling okay, believe me, you don’t do anything to screw it up.

Now, one year later, my blood work remains excellent and what was once a space for 18 bottles, now only has 4.   They are:   Betaine to help digest protein, lutein for my computer screen weary (and 59 year old) eyes and saw palmetto for prostate health.   The fourth is the Team Beachbody Performance Formula and I take 1 every morning with a big glass of water before I work out.

And, of course, a big bag of Shakeology.   Shakeology wins 18 – 4 and I am a big winner, too!

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