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Interview for Team Beachbody Recognition Magazine

Team Beachbody – Tell the readers what you were doing before Beachbody and how you learned about the products and opportunity.
Rich Dafter – Before Beachbody, I had a successful Internet fitness site and I was a Polar authorized Internet dealer. Throughout the site, I also had banner advertising and I was a Beachbody affiliate. I had banners for P90X, MyBeachbody and other products and made some income from those banners and text links. I became an affiliate when Beachbody first started the program. In about November of 2006, I received an email from Beachbody saying that the affiliate program was ending and I immediately sent an email asking if there was any way that I could stay on as an affiliate, since it was my best affiliate program (I had others like REI, Roadrunner Sports and Performance Bicycle). I was told no, but I did get an email from Neil Evans at Beachbody saying, “If you click on this link after December 28, 2006, you will be able to promote Beachbody in a big way” and I clicked on that link on January 8, 2007.

Team Beachbody – How did following the Game Plan’s philosophies help you achieve this title of Top Coach? Site specific activities which you did to help you achieve this title.
Rich Dafter – I actually became a top coach before we had a Game Plan. What I did was to promote Million Dollar Body and then Team Beachbody in every way that I could on my website and two blogs. I am brand loyal and promote nothing else except Team Beachbody and I am very passionate about what Team Beachbody can do for people and how it can change their lives. I now use Twitter and Facebook extensively to promote Team Beachbody in addition to my website and blogs. The real key to success, though, is to unceasingly support your Team Beachbody members and constantly promote your own dedicated team of Team Beachbody coaches.

Team Beachbody – What’s has been your most memorable experience as a Team Beachbody Coach?
Rich Dafter – Getting a call from Chris Simonian, then president of the company, when I first started as a coach. Emailing Carl Daikeler, CEO of Team Beachbody with an idea and having him email back and the idea eventually being adopted. Being friends with Carl and everyone else in Team Beachbody on Facebook and Twitter. Being so close to Traci Morrow as a friend. Probably the most memorable, though, is getting a call from Michael Neimand telling me that I won top coach while I was sitting in a dentist’s chair waiting to have a root canal done.

Team Beachbody – If you were to give one tip to a new Coach to have a successful business, what would it be?
Rich Dafter – Be a product of the product and be passionate, have patience and persevere no matter what.

Team Beachbody – Describe how your health has improved since using Beachbody products.
Rich Dafter – I actually wrote a blog today that sums it up –

Team Beachbody – How has the title of Top Coach improved your business?
Rich Dafter – It is always good when you have unwavering faith in something to be rewarded for your passion and persistence.

Team Beachbody – What was your WHY when you got started with the Team Beachbody business?
Rich Dafter – I wanted to be a coach and be able to offer the Team Beachbody Club membership and my coaching to all of my Polar heart rate monitor customers. They bought a fitness tool, but this would give them the support and guidance they needed to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Team Beachbody – What have you been able to do or afford since becoming a Team Beachbody Coach? Has your WHY been realized?
Rich Dafter – The opportunity to be an independent Polar authorized dealer (without a store) became extremely difficult because of management decisions at Polar and that opportunity ended about 2 ½ years ago. I was exceptionally fortunate to have the Team Beachbody business because it allowed me to continue to be a full time work at home Dad and to be with my two young daughters, Grace, 5 and Carly, 3, all day every day. That is the absolute best thing of all about being a Team Beachbody Coach.

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