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Are You Depressed? Part One in a Series

A case could be made that I am depressed or have reason to be, but what about you?   Since the last time that I posted, I got an April Fool’s joke on Facebook that has set the tone for the next week.   Clicking onto Facebook, I saw a post from the woman that I have been married to for almost 9 years stating that she had changed her relationship status from “married” to “single”.   Wow…

Apparently forgetting the fact that we have two young children whose hearts and minds have to be sheltered and protected from the heartbreak of divorce, she just went from Point A to Point B in a single post. The worst part is that it wasn’t a joke…

Although I worked out 7 days a week in January, February, March and on April 1st, I haven’t worked out since.   Am I being a bad role model, is taking a week off understandable or am I just a little depressed?   Maybe a little bit of each.

So what do I plan to do?   I don’t have weight gain to drive me because I have lost a substantial amount of weight.   I don’t have to look good because that is about the last thing on my mind.   So what will drive me to create a plan to turn heartbreak into the best role model for succeeding in the face of significant challenges?   Knowing that so many other people in the same or similar situations need help and that I can offer that help.

I did it once before when I was so debilitated with a chronic illness (CFIDS).   When it was an effort to walk up a flight of stairs, let alone do a workout, what did I do?   I became an ACE Certified Personal Trainer so that I could help other people have the fitness and health that I was being denied.

Can I do it again?   Absolutely.   My vitality has been restored, literally, by having the low stress lifestyle that being a Team Beachbody Coach offers (stress began to play a big part in prolonging my chronic illness).   My health has improved by using Team Beachbody nutritional products and my fitness is great since I turned away from the stress of competitive running to the strength, cardiovascular and flexibility workouts that I get from doing Team Beachbody workout DVD’s.   Now I am struggling through a rough spot that even Lightning McQueen would have trouble smoothing out (from the movie, Cars), but I am ready to help you through your rough spot and until you are back on the highway of life.

As I close Part One, I want you to watch a great movie for today entitled,   Finding Joy – The Simple Secrets to a Happy Life.   Click here to watch it and when you do, you will see where these words come from, “It is one of the most beautiful compensations in life…that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.”   Ralph Waldo Emerson

If the bumps on your road of life are making it too difficult to move forward, I’m here if you need a kind word or an uplifting thought.   Simply email me at

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