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It’s Stupid to be a Team Beachbody Coach…

Rich Dafter, Creator of Howtobefit.comJust a little while ago, I had a revelation that I needed to be receptive to receiving and acting on.   That epiphany was that it is stupid to be a Team Beachbody Coach and at almost 62 to still think in my head that I am a runner.   I am a Team Beachbody coach and that is my identity now.   Yes, I can run, I love to run, but my running career is over – just like any other athlete who performs best in his prime years.

For me, those prime years were between 35 and 50 and I will never be able to run the fast times that I did back then, run the number of miles or recreate the sense of accomplishment that I had back then.   Running was my life, then my two daughters became my life and now Team Beachbody has blessed our family in every way – from physically, to improved health, to financial independence to never having to put my children in day care.   The blessings of being a Team Beachbody coach are countless and multiplying every day.

Did I make a choice to become a full time Team Beachbody coach?   No.   It happened by default when the company that I worked with changed directions and changed their business plan and left out so many of their loyal workers.   If I hadn’t already started as a coach and laid the groundwork, I can’t even imagine where I would be today.

You may love your job, love the company you work for and feel totally secure in terms of how long you will stay with the company, but “what if?”   What would happen in terms of your income if you didn’t have something to fall back on that you could build on and turn into a career?   It certainly wasn’t entering my mind in the fall of 2007 when all of a sudden, I had to switch gears and change directions in my life.

Think about it.   Decide whether you want to invest $39.95 now and $15.95 a month, to start developing a back up plan.   Starting a business for $40.00 a month and paying $16.00 a month for 4 websites to promote your business seems like a deal that would be impossible to pass up, but that is something that you have to decide.   With as little as an hour a day, you can gradually build a business that literally has unlimited income potential and be part of the noble mission of working to end the trend of obesity in this country.

If you want to learn more, just click here – you owe it to yourself to see if being a Team Beachbody coach, fitness and lifestyle consultant is for you.

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