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Expense vs Results – The Cost to Benefit Ratio

Simple question:   are you getting results from your gym membership?   I hope the answer is yes because given the cost, you should be.   Plus, you have all of the equipment available to you to get those results.   But what if you are not?   What is missing?   Perhaps, unless you can afford a personal trainer, it is support, accountability and incentives.

What incentive do you have to go to the gym?   What support do you get once you get there?   Who are you accountable to so that you get your workouts in every day?

The Team Beachbody WOWY SuperGym provides the incentive to work out with the Daily Sweepstakes prize. Each day that you work out, no matter what workout you do, you are eligible for that day’s prize which ranges between $300.00 and $1000.00 or merchandise with an equivalent value. There is a winner every day. 

Team Beachbody provides the support you need with a wealth of information, resources, tools and advice to help you reach your health and fitness goals. My Meal Planner is an excellent way to create a meal plan to fuel your body and your day’s workouts and activities. Recipes, nutrition tools and nutrition tips keep you up to date on the best ways to nourish your body.

Accountability comes from the coaching and guidance of the Team Beachbody fitness trainer that is provided free of charge with every membership. Your trainer will guide, support, motivate and inspire you to succeed in reaching your health and fitness goals.

What makes the cost to benefit ratio of Team Beachbody even better is the full line of nationally known workout DVD’s that provide you with the equivalent of a personal trainer for less than the cost of a one month membership at the gym. Some of the best known of these workout DVD’s are feature below.

If you are looking to keep your expenses down and get the results that you have always wanted, consider a Team Beachbody membership versus a gym membership and weigh the cost to benefit ratio of both.

Slim In Six Turbo Jam Power 90
Slim In Six – $59.85 Turbo Jam – $59.85 Power 90 – $59.85
Brazil Butt Lift P90X+ Hip Hop Abs
Brazil Butt Lift – $59.85 P90X+ – $59.90 Hip Hop Abs – $59.85
10 Minute Trainer Body Gospel RevAbs
10 Minute Trainer – $79.90 Body Gospel – $79.90 RevAbs – $79.70
P90X Insanity TurboFire
P90X – $119.85 Insanity – $119.85 TurboFire – $119.70

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