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As Teachers, Coaches and Mentors…

Teachers, coaches and mentors need to do what? Make people aware of the benefits of what they are being taught, coached or mentored in. Without a clear benefit or benefits, few people will respond to your call to action.

I searched on my website,, and found 452 articles with the word benefit in them. I thought that I would take the results in order and share an excerpt from each of those articles with the word benefit in it. Ironically, the first search result is the Beachbody Workout Comparison chart that I have on my site which lists the benefits of each workout, so I won’t include that one.

Here is one result from an article about the risk to benefit ratios of fat loss techniques. An excerpt, “Many people take an all or none attitude, such as “You should NEVER do cardio on an empty stomach because that causes you to lose muscle” or, “cardio is completely worthless,” or “Low carb diets don’t work because they deplete your glycogen and kill your energy so you can’t train hard. Always eat plenty of carbs.”

A better approach would be to analyze each nutrition or training technique according to its risk to benefit ratio (rather than focusing only on risks, and denying that any benefits exist). Just like all strength training activities carry a risk, so do most fat loss techniques. What makes an exercise or nutrition technique worth including in your program is whether the benefits outweigh the risk given your goals and situation.”

Here is an example:

Fasted cardio in the morning

“One of the most controversial fat loss techniques is performing cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. This method is widely embraced by bodybuilders and recommended by many trainers and nutritionists. Other experts claim that the risk of muscle loss is too high and they argue whether workout timing makes any difference in the overall scheme of 24 hour energy expenditure. With low blood sugar and low glycogen levels on awakening, it appears that the body is in a perfect state to burn fat preferentially, but combined with high a.m. cortisol levels, it may also be a perfect state to burn muscle. Therefore, the benefit is high, but so is the risk. Body composition must be carefully monitored when using this technique.”   Click here to read, “Burn Body Fat With Morning Aerobic Exercise”…

RISK: 3 (high)
BENEFIT: 3 (high)

To read the rest of the article, “Risk to Benefit Ratios of Extreme, Aggressive and Controversial Fat Loss Techniques” please click here

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