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Bad Days and Your Workout Schedule

What happens if you have a bad day and miss a scheduled workout or don’t feel like you put in a good effort?   Yesterday I was scheduled to do P90X Shoulders & Arms and even though it was 6:00 am, I was already having a really bad day.

In my case, I just knew that tomorrow would be a new day and the source of my stress would be in the past.   I ended up doing a great workout today, skipping Yoga X in favor of what I consider one of the key workouts.   I am fully aware of the benefits of yoga and I am not diminishing it in any way, but in week two of P90X, with a goal of getting really strong in 90 days, I needed P90X Shoulders & Arms both physically and psychologically.

In your case, it might be just doing the next scheduled workout, or if you are ill, not only taking the time to get healthy again, but also getting your strength back if it was something like the flu, which can take a lot out of you.   There are a lot of options and you need to take the best one for your goals, and I believe, in many cases err on the side of common sense rather than potentially making things worse and instead of missing a day or two or a week, cause the layoff to be long term and sabotage your plan.

If you need advice about what you should do when you miss a workout, don’t hesitate to email me at

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