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Fitness Dollars & Cents

Being fit and healthy isn’t just about how good you look. It makes sense, too, because you will have more energy, be more productive, have a better outlook on life and have more money. Have more money? Yes, with fewer sick days, fewer doctor’s visits and less need to take prescription and over the counter medications. You are in charge of your health care plan and regular exercise, good nutrition and making positive lifestyle choices determine how healthy you will be.

Getting fit and healthy doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Let’s talk about the dollars and cents of getting into shape, losing weight and feeling great.

The #1 way to get in shape and save money is with a Beachbody Challenge Pack. Each Challenge Pack has a top rated Beachbody workout DVD (or Blu-ray), a one month supply of the most superfood dense shake ever created and a personal coach to guide you every step of the way to your goals. How do you save money?

  • Beachbody workouts in Challenge Packs are 40 – 60% off
  • Shipping is just $2.00 (you save anywhere from $12 – $18 on shipping)
  • You get a free 1 month trial membership in the Team Beachbody Club (a $12.96 value)
  • Free sign up for the Coach Discount Program (you save $39.95)

Take a look at the Challenge Packs below. If you click on the image, you will be taken to a video of the workout and if you click on the link, you can learn more about the Challenge Pack. If a Challenge Pack isn’t for you and you just want to shop for Beachbody products, just click here. Remember, if you are a Team Beachbody Club member (membership is just $12.96 a month), you get 10% off on all of your Beachbody purchases. If you are a Coach Discount Program member (membership is just $15.95 a month), you get 25% off on all of your Beachbody purchases.

Step 1 - Start by choosing a Challenge Pack

Beachbody Challenge Packs
21 Day Fix Focus T25 P90X3
Brazil Butt Lift P90X P90X2
Insanity TurboFire Ultimate Reset
Insanity: The Asylum Body Beast 10 Minute Trainer
Les Mills Pump Les Mills Combat Chalean Extreme
Power 90 Turbo Jam Slim In Six
Tai Cheng RevAbs Dance Party
Brazil Butt Lift Master Series

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